Writer's Block: You’re giving me a toothache

What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
"You know how people always say that we have a purpose in life? I've been trying to figure it out all of these years and I've realized that my purpose in life is not to make a difference; my purpose in life was to have kids that will make a difference. You're going to make a real impact one day, Beck." - My Mom

all that's missing are the padded walls

TV shows and songs glorify college life. If we all enjoyed an Asher Roth lifestyle, I feel like half the population would no longer be allowed near a college campus but maybe that's what the world is coming to...a massive amount of dumbasses that waste their money on beer instead of college tuition. I swear this wasn't meant to be a mini rant on teenage drinking, but college discussions always lead to that.

I was thinking about how miserably plain my dorm room is going to be when I arrive in the fall and I'm not quite sure what to do to prevent myself from going insane in a white-walled asylum-like room. Last year's decorations simply won't do and I have to make an effort not to trash this room too. The problem is that currently, I'm fresh out of creative concepts and more focused on paying for college, books and occasional outings. A stroke of brilliance would be pleasant, whether it's from myself or (hopefully) another person.
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Late Night Lectures

I hate sitting in bed at night attempting to fall asleep when, frankly, it's just not happening. I prefer to go to bed when I'm dead tired because if I'm the least bit awake, a million thoughts will run through my head simultaneously and cloud my thoughts at which point I'll either A) get annoyed B) think I'm the most intelligent, understanding and awesome person in the world (momentarily, of course, until I realize that I haven't done much to earn that title) or C) come up with some fucked up invention that late at night seems like a crazy fantastic idea that I wake up and realize is just crazy. Now, I realize that most people have this issue and oftentimes it's a chronic issue, one that is as unexplained as the legend of big foot. Did you ever wonder what it would be like if someone's late night thoughts were leaked on the internet? That would be some insane shit, man, more insane than the prospect of my grandma being able to smoke a bong in the future for her chronic pain. I guess chronic over-thinking isn't bad compared to that.

I did have one good idea tonight. Due to my absence at the beginning of the summer after my first year of college, (FINALLY!) I was unable to obtain a summer job...at least, that's what I blame it on; I deny that it's also due to partial laziness and lack of motivation. I've been bored here in the middle of nowhere, stranded at my house without a car. And the few occasions I do get out of the house are to go to the grocery store and the radio station to do my radio show. I decided that I want to learn a little about a lot and experience new things, at least continue that life goal. Conquering one task per day seems reasonable and I think I'm going to start a list here of my random things that I've come up with that will probably seem like strange ideas in the morning:

-Learn how to spin a pen
-Learn one song in ASL that's more complicated than Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
-Make an amazing mashup
-Finally use my punching bag to practice some kick ass karate moves
-Paint something that doesn't look like complete shit
-Learn how to use my sewing machine
-Learn about to use my camera more effectively (aperture settings, shutter speed, ISO)
-See an obscure band in concert
-Learn a new accent, I'm thinking Australian
-Conquer, well, learn to deal with stage fright
-Speak in an accent for an entire day
-Write a song that isn't making fun of something/someone
-Write an award-winning poem
-Establish a business plan for a killer home business concept
-Arrange a restaurant menu for an up-incoming restraurant
-Read a new book (that's a big maybe)
-See the Rocky Horror Picture Show
-Learn a new line dance
-Attempt to play the clarinet again
-Revive this LJ account with new tutorials and such

That should be good for a while :]

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Icon Tutorial Five Ft. Lady Gaga

Program: PSPX2
Steps: 6
Difficulty: 7/10
Includes: Channel Mixer, High Pass Sharpen
Suggestions: Blues and turquoises=major saturation, be careful with blacks and the exclusion layer because the color could turn out pink. Pictures with bright red turn out pretty well too :]
Translatable?: Yes??
Examples under the cut: More Lady Gaga

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Icon Tutorial Three ft. Katy Perry

Program: PSPX2
Steps: 6 or 7
Difficulty: 5/10
Includes: Optional Channel Mixer
Suggestions: Deep blues and magenta are the best colors for rich colored icons. Oranges and greens with the optional step create the best overall finished product if you choose to use it. Watch out for the saturation layer because the skin of your "model" might become overly-saturated and have the appearance of an extremely bad tan...
Translatable?: Yes
Examples under the cut: Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Nightmare of You

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Icon Tutorial Two ft. Paramore

Program: PSPX2
Steps: 6
Difficulty: 5/10
Includes: Channel Mixer
Suggestions: Use red-heads for a more intensified saturation, more subtle enhancement with bluer images
Translatable?: Yes
Examples under the cut: Allison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy and M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold

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